Swot Analysis : Burger King

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NAME: Karim Mohammed Khalaf ID: 1351510255 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم PART 1 (10 points) In about 300 – 400 words, write an essay analyzing the below case study using the SWOT framework. 1-STRENGTH: Although, it reported higher revenues in 2002 than did Burger King. the company as a whole generated $2.73 billion in revenues in 2002 , up 14.2 percent from the previous year with headquarter in Dublin , Ohio , the corporation operated over 9,000 restaurants in 33 countries worldwide . 1-STRENGTH: Several; unique features were embedded with both pitfalls and advantages The company’s super value menu was definitely one of its strongest asset. 2- WEAKNESSES: Wendy’s also offered several unique products such as Frost’s and Spicy Chicken Sandwich, as well as many healthy alternatives like salads, baked potatoes and even chili. 2-WEAKNESSES: There is a one weak point in Wendy’s business plan is that there was the lack of an easily recognizable product comparable to McDonald’s Big Mac or Burger King’s Whopper. 3-OPPURTUNITIES: Wendy’s, early on sought to distinguish itself in a rapidly growing industry by providing its customers with a unique fast-food experience 3- OPPURTUNITIES: Stated that the company planned to increasingly use acquisitions of smaller brands and joint ventures as the primary driver of future growth. In selecting potential acquisition targets. 4-THREATS: Burger King’s menu also offered a few items that set it apart from other fast-food

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