Swot Analysis : Business Enterprise

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PESTEL Analysis

• Target market economic condition.
• Increasing production of low-quality products and imitations through cheap labor in other countries (ex. China).
• Poverty level is dominating the country’s population.
• Population rate of target segment.
• Traits, psychogrphic and demographic of the target segment.
• The emerging of e-commerce.
• The user growth of Social Networking Site.
• Increase in usage of technical solutions.
• User friendly advancement in digital media.
• Internet had become readily available on a larger scale in portable gadgets such as mobile phones, computers and hand-held devices.
• Sharing of information is made accessible through the internet.
Legal Analysis
• Legal factors; Permits required in establishing a business
• The Consumer Act of The Philippines
• Electronic Commerce Act of 2000
• Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE)

Economic The consumer segment are students and young adults. From the market study of the researcher 98% of college students of University of Santo Tomas are users of backpacks. The students are the wide users of backpack that make them the prospect target market. The students are 16-21 years old who are either in high school or college. This segment are price sensitive due to their dependency on their limited allowance. Their allowance ranges from 500php to 5000php a week and a study stated that 50% of the percentage of their allowance are…
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