Swot Analysis : Business Management

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SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) are a way that business managers, owners, and general employees can look at their job, or business. I chose this however, because it is so ubiquitous, while it is often used in the business world it can apply to virtually any situation and this is why it is a great idea and thing to follow. It provides an outline that the individual may choose to follow, this is important because people often are not analytical and objective. This leads to rational decisions such as someone doing something on a whim, or making a choice out of emotion which only works sometimes. If the individual can see the details of SWOT in every scenario or even most it will be beneficial and save time. It is an efficient and very simple way for someone to become analytical which can save a business from going under and failing. Following the SWOT in business is one of the many keys to success. It provides a way to be objective, if someone has the ability to see the strengths of a situation then they will have an unbiased view of how the choice or if they are hiring someone the strengths of that individual will help their business and bring them more profit as well as better satisfaction which is also necessary for a successful business. The weakness section is arguably the most important section. If you can see your weakness you know two things. What to stay away from, as well as what to improve on. A weakness is only a weakness until you think
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