Swot Analysis Case

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- Good execution of the strong intro with the team member.

- Kasey does a wonderful job empathetically acknowledging the client all the way through this call. Great! Good initial empathy regarding the trouble with myql. She goes on to further empathetically acknowledge with the client about her slow internet connection. When the client needs to make a second attempt at creating her account, Kasey apologizes for the inconvenience.

- Kasey foreshadows the password requirements to the client prior to having her type it in. Good for efficiency.

- Good control throughout the e-sign process.

- Because Kasey knows the client is in a hurry, she reassures her throughout the call on their progress to finish.

- Great execution of the strong close to wrap the call up.
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(5:44) Kasey advises the client "no worries!" We want to avoid using negative connotation in order to create the best client experience. Try replacing this with "you got it!" "absolutely!"

- Verify email address. (1:30) Kasey asks the client for her email address as part of the verification process. Immediately after the client gives her email address, Kasey advises she's sending the client an email. We want to ensure that we get confirmation from the client before sending the registration link, as an added step for client
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