Swot Analysis : Compass System

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Compass System has requested that a simple overview of the company on how resources and the ability to compete in the marketplace be strategize to the fullest extent. First, a qualitative look at the company’s internal policies, procedures, financial reports, proposal process, and limited customer interaction to provide information on how the company is performing. This data will represent a rapid strategy measure for company performance. If the data is strong and dependable, it will be used as a guide to evaluate how the company is doing. A competitive view of strengths and weaknesses for the current strategy and as well as a forecast of how quick the company is changing. Processes, procedures and value will be assessed to determine how they compete against their competitors for market opportunities and external threats. Viewing value in terms of how it is provided to customers from both the perspective of the rivals and customers. How can value be provided for the customer. Management’s philosophy on the company’s strategy Keywords: procedure, value, management, and financial Compass Systems Business Strategy This report will provide an introduction to the evaluation of Compass Systems, Inc., resources and ability to compete effectively in the marketplace. Throughout this document, Compass Systems, Inc. will be referenced as Compass. Several benchmarking methods have been used in determining the current strategy in the company, the company’s capability on
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