Swot Analysis : Customer Service Company

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Strengths: #1 Customer Service Company in 2009[1] - Provides customers with smartphone application to scan/deposit checks; convenient for overseas members. - Customers can get online or use smartphone application to manage account, pay bills, etc. from anywhere in the world. - USAA has 0% or 1% credit/debit fees outside of the United States - cheaper than almost all other banks.[2] - USAA offers investing needs. When the economy is doing well, members can invest through USAA 's investing services. - USAA is a C Corporation - limited liability, permanence, and rely on Board of Directors to oversee operations of company and their interests. - Top-Level Management: USAA has CEO, Board of Directors and an Executive Council. - USAA 's Executive Committee Charter makes executive decisions when/where needed if the CEO/BOD cannot, or if top-level management needs assistance. - USAA has a technological competitive edge against other companies with the availability of their smartphone application "USAA Mobile." - USAA has instilled its operations management into its company 's code of ethics. - USAA offers many benefits to their employees[3]: - Medical and Dental Benefits - Retirement Savings Plan - Work Life Balance - Military Support - Military leave to support military training, deployments and active duty service. - Military support groups. - On-Site deployment advisers. - Family Support

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