Swot Analysis : Electrolux's Success

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There are millions of businesses around the globe and they are all trying to achieve success, but what exactly determines success and how do you achieve it? That is a question that stumps many business owners. By looking at successful businesses we can learn methods and strategies that could lead other businesses to the same pedestal of success. Electrolux is an example of a successful global business that has been selling home and commercial appliances for almost one hundred years. They have elevated up the ladder of their industry to become one of the largest competitors within their industry. Electrolux has done this by developing strong competencies, being a part of a mature industry, having an effective strategy, and having a unique corporate culture. Electrolux has developed a specific strategy that centralizes around four concepts: profitable growth, innovation, operational excellence, and people and leadership. Profitable growth focuses on expanding the corporation through acquisitions and establishing dominance in emerging markets. Innovation is motivated by their “customer-driven product development” that focuses on accelerated product development, more product research based on region and customer feedback, making environmentally-friendly products, and providing product services and accessories. Operational excellence is achieved by focusing on minimizing the manufacturing costs of their product by operating in low-cost areas and practicing resource efficiency.

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