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A SWOT Analysis of
A Sample Business Plan
Angela Acton
Foundations of Business 210
Mr. Dennis Keegan
January 23, 2011

When an entrepreneur comes across an opportunity to open a new business, there is a lot of planning that must be done in order to be successful in the new venture. An important part of the process is to create a business plan. A good way to test a business plan is to use a SWOT analysis. In the following I will conduct a SWOT analysis on a sample business plan for a new clothing store.

An entrepreneur has an idea for a new product. How does an entrepreneur go from new idea to making money for the idea? There are many steps in this long process. One of the first steps he/she must take is creating a
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The opportunities for this business based on the business plan are numerous. For this particular area in Los Angeles, there are more affluent customers. The customer that would be shopping in this area is one who has more money to spend on higher priced clothing. There will be an opportunity in the future to open another boutique nearby thus expanding to more customers. The employees will be trained and certified through the Association of Image Consultants. This will improve employees’ skills to increase the efficiency of the experience for the customer. As the economy gets better, the demand for the higher end clothing that this boutique sells should increase. There will be opportunities to create new services. As they receive customer feedback, new services can be implemented. If the inventory that De Kliek initially carries does not prove to meet the demand of the customer, then there is the opportunity for the company to purchase many other products because the high end clothing market is so vast. Many other styles from many other designers are available throughout the world.
There are a few threats to this proposed business idea that I found through this analysis. There are comparable products being sold at others stores in the area. Retailers like Target, Sears and Wal-Mart have been able to get higher end clothing in their stores. With tough economic times customers may chose to shop at these retailers instead of

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