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HP IN BRIEF 2010 Somewhere in Hollywood, a team of animators is using HP workstations to create scenes so realistic and complex, they would have been impossible five years ago. At the same time, a nurse in a VA hospital is scanning bar codes created by the HP Patient ID system to make sure her patient gets the right medication. In Australia, a bank is using the HP Carbon Counter to measure its greenhouse gas emissions and set goals to reduce them. In Atlanta, a proud mother is uploading photos of her son’s recent karate competition to HP Snapfish so she can share them with family members in Dallas. And in Singapore, a regional sales team is using an HP Halo videoconference room to have a face-to-face meeting with their U.S.…show more content…
making the world a better plaCe At HP, we want to feel good about what we do. Part of this is providing you with products and services that make lives and experiences better. But it also means doing all that we can to help preserve the planet and address social issues. Our ”Greenest Big Company in America” ranking from newsweek is testament to what we’ve done so far in terms of greenhouse gas reductions, materials innovation, and recycling initiatives. But we still have more to do. In the coming year we’re committed to reducing the combined energy consumption of HP operations and products to 25% below 2005 levels. And we’re delivering products, solutions, and services that make it easier and more practical for our customers to “go green” too. When it comes to global citizenship, we believe strongly that technology can be a catalyst in improving access to learning, so we’re investing significantly to educate the next generation of skilled workers and entrepreneurs. And we’re using our size and scale to promote human rights and higher environmental and social standards throughout the companies and countries that touch our extensive supply chain. Touching lives every day • HP manages over 200 data centers, 380,000 servers, 5.4 million desktops, and 17 million IP addresses. • We handle over 68 million credit card accounts and process 3.5 billion transactions annually. serving Customers around the globe HP is a truly global

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