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Strengths The Behavioral Health Unit provides psychiatric care for adults in a comfortable and confidential environment. Treatment is individualized to meet each patient's unique needs on three separate units. The facility treats a wide variety of psychiatric illnesses. For example, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, and substance-related disorders. Their specialist and technicians interdisciplinary team is composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, group therapists, nursing staff and psychiatric rehabilitation therapists. Miracles their Detox Program consists of alcoholism and addiction professional treatment. The Detox program at the Brotman, offers a range of chemical dependency treatment options. They offer an…show more content…
Also, there was a major issue within the hospital about over billing Medicare for uncovered charge. In June 2002 the hospital, said that it would pay $55.75 million to settle allegations that the hospital overbilled the Medicare program. This has major communication issues. The administrative department has a difficult time to communicate with the staff. Communication is a major part in any organization, because it is what really has the organization open. Communication should start from top to bottom, and from all department of the organization. Opportunities Brotman is opening a new OB Department in 2014. This new department is planned to have a great amount of success within the community. The hospital is also situated in a visible police and fire station, commercial and residential, which has potential growth. Having this type of security in the community brings a type of comfort to the community. The hospital is also associated with a major orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ian Armstrong, which has 3 Spine Centers (Southern California Spine Institute). The medical centers offer comprehensive spine services, like from evaluation and diagnosis to surgery and rehabilitation. Patients have direct access to a full range of treatments, including conservative non-surgical approaches and pain

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