Swot Analysis Fed Ex Indianapolis Hub 2012

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Marketing Strategy
Falls School of Business – MBA program
Dr. Michael D. Wiese – Fishers Campus

Proposal to Management of Market Audit – SWOT / Environmental Analysis
By: Jeffrey K. Lockhart
October 02, 2012

To: Another open letter to the management of Federal Express Corporation (FedEx Corp):
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am currently involved in an MBA marketing class at the Falls School of Business – Anderson University. I have been asked, as part of a marketing audit, to assist in building a marketing plan that analyzes a portion of the “Situation Analysis” of such plan, for a particular Strategic Business Unit (SBU), or actual work unit, at my place of employment. The process for building a marketing
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(I) | | Customer Service is provided by significant training of each DFW ramp worker in the correct processing/application of their job. (I) | |

Below is a list of “External Environmental Factors” affecting the FedEx marketing strategy include both those that would be considered strengths; as well as those considered to affect the company in a negative manner. External Environmental Factors - Strengths: | External Environmental Factors - Weaknesses: | FedEx has contracted long-term with the US Postal Service to deliver all of its Global Express Guaranteed international shipping freight. It features 1-3 business days to more than 190 countries (Money-back guarantee). (E) | Business is subject to major economic downturns. In the 2000 downturn many companies looking for a way to save money stopped shipping, or moved to cheaper methods such as surface shipping. This resulted in reduced routes and limited lay-offs. (E) | FedEx now connects markets that comprise more than 90% of the world’s gross domestic product within one to three business days. (E) | A recent survey found that 84% of “satisfied” customers will “jump ship” for a better deal if the opportunity arises. With the marketplace becoming increasingly commoditized, customer retention has become a critical part of business strategy. (E) | FedEx measures customer

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