Swot Analysis For A Rural Satellite Clinic

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SWOT-Analysis A SWOT-Analysis is a useful strategic tool for PMH to utilize when determining whether a rural satellite clinic will be a profitable market venture. A SWOT-Analysis is a diagram that considers organizations’ internal competencies (strengths and weaknesses) and external developments (opportunities and threats) affecting the institution (Van Wijngaarden, Scholten, & Van Wijk, 2012). Therefore a SWOT analysis for PMH’s satellite clinic project includes the following strengths: PMH current rural health clinic is successful and provides patients with increased access to outpatient health care services even after business hours and on weekends; offers a patient portal for customers to electronically access their health information; and gives patients access to rotating specialty care services (i.e. podiatry, nephrology, and surgery) (PMH, n.d.). Also, PMH has built strong relationships throughout Pocahontas County that increases public perceptions for their institution and acceptability for the developing of new business ventures (PMH, n.d.). Finally, PMH has an in-house billing center that assists patients with their health care payments and offers a Payment Assistance Program to those patients who have difficulty paying their bills (PMH, n.d.). However, there are internal weaknesses that are affecting PMH ability to provide exceptional services to their consumers. Many of PMH’s customers live in rural areas and below the poverty line making transportation to
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