Swot Analysis For Bob 's Supermarket

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SWOT is also in the dropbox.
When organizations look to identify areas of improvement and areas they do well, it is often expressed through SWOT analysis. This refers to the organizations internal functions, strengths and weaknesses and then the external analysis of the opportunities and threats. This type of information gives stakeholders a much better perspective on the holdings and management strategies of the past year, and often identifies trends the organization is taking part in. SWOT analysis for Bob’s Supermarket is as follows:
Bob’ Supermarket is a family owned supermarket with two locations in rural Indiana. The store is managed by owners Sam and Bob Thompson, who purchased the original store in 1988 from the owner who had been in business for 19 years. Currently Bob’s has locations in Hanover and Hope Indiana.
The grocery industry has become dominated by retail giants with low cost strategies and high volume of sales creating economies of scale. Bob’s lacks the economy of scale, but has two distinct strengths. The first strength is they are an established community player. The Thompson’s bought their original store in 1988 from a local store owner who had been in business for 19 years, giving the store location a very prominent position in the town’s history. Communities have left the local town squares for strip malls, and Bob’s Supermarket has developed somewhat of a niche market catering to the community consumer. They also are prided on

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