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Nike holds roughly 14% of the global sporting goods market and is one of the top sellers of athletic footwear, apparel and equipment in the world with revenues of about $25.3 billion. Nike’s strong position comes from strong brands such as Nike,
Jordan, Converse, and Hurley. Jordan is a top-quality brand of footwear, apparel and accessories inspired by the legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan. Converse runs a line of premium men’s and women’s lifestyle footwear and apparel that are sold across the globe by over 160 retailers around the world, with 70 company-owned stores operating in the U.S. Hurley sells a line of sports apparel targeted towards surfing, skateboarding and youth lifestyle apparel and footwear.
Nike has a huge focus on research and development
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SWOT Analysis). In addition, Nike also employs their own staff of specialists in a variety of areas such as biomechanics, chemistry, exercise physiology, engineering, industrial design, sustainability, and related fields to help develop innovative products. Nike also employs the help of athletes who evaluate products during the design and development process. Nike’s emphasis on R&D has allowed the company to release numerous products such as the KOBE 9 Elite, NIKE Lunar
Ballistec, Phantom sandal and the NIKE+ FuelBand. Nike’s emphasis and focus on R&D are also what allows Nike to periodically renew their product line at regular intervals, which helps with customer loyalty and revenue growth (NIKE, Inc. SWOT Analysis).
Nike has a very high reliance on independent contract manufacturers

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