Swot Analysis For Obamacare

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Although there were some problems with the process of signing up for Obamacare early on, the problems have seemed to work themselves out and it is very easy to apply now. The first step for applying is simply heading over to the main Obamacare site and applying to see if you get coverage. You essentially enter all of your information in relation to your current living situation, income, and all sorts of other things that determine whether or not you qualify for assistance.
What basically happens is they will analyze your paperwork and will send you back various plans that you qualify for. You then have the option of selecting between a handful of plans, which you can research and make your own decision as to which company you want to go with. Generally speaking, the lower the amount of income that you have per month, the more assistance you will get towards your bill. For my current situation, I applied as a single individual and ended up selecting Kaiser, because they have had great reviews and their plan gave me great coverage for a very low cost. The total subsidy that I received took my monthly bills down to under fifty dollars and the average cost of going to the doctor is generally five dollars or less, making it an
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I had one option where I would essentially pay nothing, but the coverage was different if I had needed to have a major surgery or something of that magnitude. You will have to weigh your options when it comes to your risks of having a large medical cost, but I opted to pick a coverage that was somewhere in the middle, where I still have costs per month, but the overall charges for a long hospital stay would not be massive. So far I have used the plan to see a regular doctor at least six or seven times, have seen several specialist, and picked up medication and I have to say it is the most professional and efficient health insurance company that I have ever dealt
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