Swot Analysis For Recruiting Production Leaders

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A SWOT analysis is used to help a company determine is strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats within the organization. “SWOT analysis can generally help to portray a strategic organizational situation and to identify what information is needed and what decisions are likely to be made on a personal as well as an organizational level” (as cited in Chermack & Kasshanna, 2007, p. 384). This type of analysis helps identify problems that are affecting the company and it may even highlight new opportunities that need to be addressed. A SWOT analysis would be beneficial for Permalco in relation to recruiting production leaders because it would help the company identify areas that they focus on a lot and areas or opportunity where improvement could be made. Permalco does have some strengths in its recruiting production leaders despite the high turnover and layoffs that have occurred recently. One strength is the company has a good reputation by compensating the employees well and by recruiting college graduates. A reputation of a company is what draws new employees into the organization because they want to experience all the good things that have been said about the company. Also, the scenario implies that the company has high-tech equipment, which is a positive for the company’s reputation as well as a plus for potential employees. Employees want to work in an environment that has the best equipment to produce the product, so by the company having high tech equipment

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