Swot Analysis : Goodwill Industries Essay

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1. INTRODUCTION This project is a strategic analysis of Goodwill Industries. In analyzing Goodwill we will perform a SWOT analysis, value chain analysis and a performance analysis of the organization. Secondly, we will formulate a strategy for Goodwill both corporate and generic. Next, we will highlight the strategic implementation. The implementation of Goodwill will be followed by its evaluation to identify the major problems the company is facing and propose a solution that should be adopt to restore its lost competitive advantage. A short conclusion will close the report. 2. STRATEGY ANALYSIS 2.1. SWOT analysis Table 1 Goodwill Industries’ internal analysis Strengths Weaknesses - Intangible resources: With its strong presence in market place, Goodwill enjoys a reputation as the leader in the used merchandise division. - Organizational capability: Goodwill excels in job training and job placement, with over 5 million dollars invested plus 10,057 people placed into jobs in last year alone. - Intangible resources: The perception that used items are lesser quality than new merchandise. - Tangible resources: Some items ranging from apparel to household electronics are defective placed on the store floor. Table 2 Goodwill Industries’ external analysis Opportunities Threats Industry environment: - First mover: Untapped potential exits in the on-line environment with only 145 stores are registered. - Suppliers: Providing donors with tax with promise of mentioning

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