Swot Analysis : Jetblue And Westjet

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Question 4: Value of JetBlue in every steps to avoid problem WestJet have two major problems lead them crash down, which is transfer the files from old reservation system to new system without backing up the data and the second one is did not have enough staff to response customers complained. According to Laudon and Laudon (2014), both JetBlue and WestJet are using the same business strategy which is low cost and good service to achieve the goal. And also both of them are used to a small company. WestJet only have three planes and 40 staffs at the beginning, but now it has about 7800 staffs and 420 flights every day to 71 places among the USA, Canada and Mexico and Caribbean (Laudon & Laudon 2014). In 2010, there was approximately 40% of…show more content…
And the following problem is the brand name, low reputation or some the other problems. Sooner and later the consumers will not truth that company. However, in JetBlue case. First, they back up the data for people who already purchase the ticket can assess the system to find their ticket (Laudon and Laudon, 2014). This is a very worth step because if the system just cash down and they can use those backup data to deal with the customers. And also can let customers access into the old system while transferring the files from the old system to the new system. This is what JetBlue did, and it will not delay the customers. This is not the only solution of JetBlue to solve that issue. They also transfer the time on Friday night because usually, Saturday did not have much flight. So JetBlue already considered the problem which is if the first solution is fail. Even the first solution is fail, but it will not be affected too much during that time, because there were not too many customers. In the second issue, JetBlue hired 500 temporary staff to solve that problem. This is the Third step of how JetBlue deal with customer, more specifically is customer complain calls. Because JetBlue also be famous of customer service, so JetBlue try to retain their advantage. Because of WestJet situation, JetBlue

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