Swot Analysis : Largest Coffee House Chain

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Detailed Explanation of SWOT Analysis Strengths • Largest Coffee House Chain in the World—Starbucks is currently operating with 21,878 in over sixty-five countries, making it the largest coffeehouse chain in the world. Looking forward, Starbucks intends to continue to expand growing their company even more (“Starbucks Company Profile,” 2015). • Sound Financial Records—The company’s annual report illustrates their ability to continue to grow as well as increase their annual revenue year after year. The financial snapshot given in the table above displays how Starbucks has not reported a loss in the last five years. This allows the company to thrive and to invest in new endeavors, in turn allowing the company to expand their business (Starbucks Corporation, 2014). • High Level of Employee Benefits—Starbucks offers their employees an extensive range of benefits as well as a higher pay scale than their competitors. Employees also have the opportunity for tuition reimbursement for those that want to receive a bachelor’s degree. By providing these benefits, the company increase employee morale as well as advances their competitive advantage as an employer of choice (“SWOT Analysis of Starbucks,” 2014). • Established Logo, Developed Brand, Copyrights, Trademarks, and Website—Through the marketing efforts of Starbucks, their brand and logo have matured. Their logo allows consumers to instantly relate the product to the business and aides in memory recall among consumers.

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