Swot Analysis : Lean Manufacturing

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As globalization and technology bring the world together, management is forced to engage in strategies and calculated risk to remain competitive, allowing for organizational success through customer satisfaction. When executed correctly, lean manufacturing also known as lean thinking creates an atmosphere where competitive advantages and success is attainable. Due to the successful nature of this strategy, organizations other than manufacturing, have implemented lean thinking with a favorable outcome. Discussed below is the establishment of lean thinking, the steps of 5S, which is the tool utilized to lay the groundwork of lean thinking, and distinct differences between traditional cost accounting practices and lean accounting practices…show more content…
Adhering to their standards and unwavering from their goals of perfection, Toyota’s approach and methods improved, adding new philosophies such as, “daily improvements, good thinking, and good product” (Toyota, 2016, para 5). These philosophies further developed into a concept referred to as, jidoka (automation with a human touch), which allows employees to take initiative to stop work in progress to correct mistakes to prevent any product from being produced incorrectly (Ching, Williams, Idemento, & Blackmore, 2014, p. 341). This concept along with a JIT method has evolved Toyota’s manufacturing to the best in the world. The competitive edge was reason for other organizations to follow Toyota’s example of success in the world of business. 5S The concept of lean thinking cannot be partial implemented, an organization who aims to administer lean thinking must be willing and able to completely transform both the physical and mental aspects of the organization. Employees must develop a new mindset of more value with less resources. This process is accomplished through the strategy of 5S. 5S is a vital tool that was developed to initiate the change of lean thinking and begin the complete overhaul of the organization. The term 5S is derived from five Japanese words, and has been translated as follows: Seiri, which
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