Swot Analysis Lesson Plan

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Goals to be Addressed
• Mr. Kremer will use the Telecoil function on his cochlear implant when talking on the phone to improve understanding of conversation, as measured by self report, 9/ 10 times over the course of 14 days.
• Mr. Kremer will ask for clarification when speaking to his daughters on the phone, as measured by self reports, 80% of the course of 1 month.
• By the sixth session, Mr. Kremer will complete the Ling 6 check and correctly identify two similar sounding phonemes 10 out of 10 times with no outside support.
• Mr. Kremer will request environmental changes such as asking for a table in the corner or requesting his wife faces him, while out at public events in 8 out of 10 opportunities over the course of 3 months.
Lesson Plan
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Or the clinician can emphasize the phoneme.
d. Data: The clinician will circle yes or circle no when the client repeats the phoneme.
i. Identify: fat and pat- identify /f/ (yes / no), fill and pill- identify /f/ (yes / no), fry and pry- identify /p/ (yes / no), fee and pea- identify /f/ (yes / no), fleas and please- identify /p/ (yes / no)
3. Goal Three: Answer open ended questions without visual cues- 10 minutes
a. Activity: First, Mr. Kremer and I will sit at a table across from each other. Next I will cover my mouth with a speech hoop and begin asking him questions that are not about the same subject. I will ask him questions for about 10 minutes.
i. Strategies Used: Auditory, question prompts, comments, little wait time between question
b. Materials: A speech hoop. A list of questions.
c. One way to make this activity harder: The clinician can speak at a faster pace. Or Mr. Kremer can only use his cochlear implant when testing. His hearing aid in his left ear will be removed or turned off.
One way to make it easier: Speak at a greater intensity. Potentially remove visual cues, if he is unable to complete the task. Mr. Kremer can wear his hearing aid with his cochlear
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