Swot Analysis : Marketing Concept

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The marketing concept is the viewpoint that trades should find out what the customers want and then make decisions to achieve those wants, better than the rivalry. Today most trades adopted the marketing concept, but this has not always been the situation. The process of doing so can be demonstrate in a sequence of stage: the situation is examined to categorise opportunities, the plan is expressed for a value scheme, planned decisions are mode, the strategy is implemented and the results are examined.

1. Explanation of the various elements of the marketing process.

• Step 1 – swot analysis
• Step 2 – segmentation, targeting, positioning
• Step 3 – marketing mix
• Step 4 – implementation – go out there and sell your product no time to
• Step 5 – control

Swot analysis
An important part of the planning process is observing at the present position of the business and trying to choose how factors outside of the business might affect the business. Business do a SWOT examination as a way of determining which marketing strategy to use. The business does a review on the interior and exterior nature of the business looking at the current and upcoming condition. An audit is a review of all the business’ doings.

Example of a business swot analysis

Strengths Weakness
1. Second best world-wide brand in fast food
2. Original 11 herbs and spices rec-ipe
3. Strong position in emerging chi-na
4. KFC is the market front-runner in the world amongst businesses

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