Swot Analysis : Marketing Mix Strategy

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SWOT A NALYSIS. STRENGTHS Weaknesses -Recruitment and attraction of a new members or customers by healthy foodie recipes. -The people in Bruce area will enjoy the availability of healthy foodie recipes, in term of wellbeing and health. -High spending of money on electricity and water bills. -Conflicting of ideas with previous competitors. -High competition when attracting customers from the previous competitors Opportunity Threat -Government funding and subsidises for all businesses. -shop location in a suitable environment. -High income which value the economy of dollars that reduce the interest rate. -High interest rate and taxes from the government. -Other calamities such as environmental factors (e.g. flood, drought and fire). -high wages from the company over the weekend and public holiday penalty rate. (Tootelian et al, 2012 & ABS, 2011). Marketing Mix Strategy. The marketing mix is the usual ways of controlling, planning marketing equipment’s that an organisation or a company uses to produce a reasonable and desirable reply from its target market (Gronroos, 1994). The marketing mix strategy comprises of whatever influences demand that a company want to do in order to generate production. It is a very crucial instrument that help in marketing planning systems and performance (Cousins, 1991). In management section Marketing mix strategy is use as a styles set of tools that motivate and influence sales. The marketing mix traditional formula is known as

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