Swot Analysis : Marketing Services Essay

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Out of these four non-core functions, the Legal department and Administrations have very low head counts. Personnel in these departments are experienced and have been there in the company now for almost 10-15 years. Distribution and Logistics have their headcounts increasing every year but at a very slow rate. The Customer Services cater to the requirement of both internal and external customers. ABC Marketing Services is planning to outsource Customer Services department to an offshore vendor as there is a heavy need to employ more number of headcounts for taking care of high volume of calls and queries from the customers all over the world. Because of the tremendous growth in the company’s business, the need for hiring in-house employees have gone up considerably and the company is not able to ramp up its resources for various reasons such as cost, lack of experienced resources in the market and also because of the complexity in the hiring process. Overseas Vendors have a massive English-speaking population trained as well as extremely low labor rates. One of the major advantages of outsourcing customer service is that the best suppliers have great experience in rapidly installing call centres. This includes acquiring and training new staff, locating new facilities, installing phone and computer terminals, and building required links to the company’s computer system. The customer service function is not considered by employees to be a critical job

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