Swot Analysis : Marketing Strategy Essay

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Competitors include Crest, Colgate-Palmolive, GUM and Oral B. These companies manufacture plastic, non-recyclable toothbrushes ranging in price from $1 to $7. Some of these brands even sell replaceable head, electric or battery-operated toothbrushes within mainstream channels for $20 to $70 a piece. Sustainable toothbrushes represent another category made from bamboo and other reusable materials. Implications from the marketing strategy include an emphasis on value creation, an increased distribution channel and enhanced consumer base. A quickly changing economic environment is affecting consumer perceptions and attitudes towards certain brands and companies. A marketing strategy focused on the needs of our target demographic will help reshape the Miswak Company and its overall brand image. In such uncertain times, company growth may be more prominent through geographical expansions, instead of trying to fight against competitors in the current market. These niche markets grow at a fast pace and offer incredible return on investments.
Customers are looking at value for their money, making Miswak’s challenge to make such offerings without compromising or tarnishing their name. However, decreasing the selling price or quantity can end up being more detrimental than the alternative. A tough economic condition changes the way consumers shop. Customers tend to be more attached to a particular product or brand than retail chain, and are willing to shop around for the
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