Swot Analysis : Marketing Strategy

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Market Strategy Hilti. Outlast. Outperform. ("Hilti - Marketing & Sales," n.d.) This guiding principle has done well for Hilti. Their marketing strategy is broke down into four categories: product portfolio management, market reach, supply chain management, and professional services. ("Hilti - Business Model," n.d.) ("Hilti - Business Model," n.d.)
Product portfolio management. They will bring the tool to you. If you need technical advice or want to see the performance of a new product, Hilti provides technicians, sales, service, and engineers for all your specific needs. If you prefer to acquire your information on the web, they offer a comprehensive web site filled with information to include technical specifications, products offered, sales and service center locations, engineering solutions, product and application advice and training, and much more. ("Hilti - Corporate Website," n.d.)
Market reach. Hilti exercises its corporate reach with salespeople, technicians, and engineers out in the field. They offer support for every product they sell including training. This professionalism exercised by Hilti is documented so every employee on the job receiving the training is certified. They will also customize the training to fit the needs of the construction job being done. ("Hilti - Product and application trainings," n.d.)
Supply chain management. Their logistical service is a big part of what keeps customers coming back for their tool…
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