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This paper is my personal SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis discusses four specific categories to evaluate a project, situation or in my case my personal and professional life (Hay, Castilla, 2006). In this analysis I will look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that I need to address in my life. The concept of this type of analysis is a great way to find out ways to improve, but at the same time is a difficult task for someone like me who has a hard time outwardly expressing self attributes. That might be one of my weaknesses or threats, on the other hand it might be what makes me a good listener to others. I will refer to the SWOT analysis chart throughout this paper (figure 1.1) the list was difficult but, I feel it is pretty close to complete.
• Ability to learn quickly
• Adaptable
• Great interpersonal skills
• Ability to read people and listen with intent
• Diverse work history within several industries
• Ability to lead or follow
• Have helpful opinions WEAKNESSES
• Speaking in front of large crowds
• Fear of failure
• Lacking management skills
• Not always self-motivated
• Fear of career change/unknown
• Not always receptive to others ideas
• Ability to say no
• Not managing time to allow for experience growth
• Volunteering
• Continued leadership classes
• Shadowing
• Willingness to learn
• Diverse work history has allowed diverse network of people THREATS
• Financial loss due to no management experience

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