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• ALDI- food retail sector

• Level of operation
In the Australian Food Industry, level of operation essentially relates to the scale of food produced and the level of technology used. Aldi is a multination company, meaning that it operates all over the world, therefore using a very high quality of technology. Founded in Germany in 1913, it now operates in 18 countries around the world including Australia, Spain, United Kingdom and China. Due to this high level of operation, the chain is making over $50 billion a year, meaning that they are able to constantly be expanding their operations and increasing the level of machinery used.

• Mechanisation (reduces the need for human labour)
Being a multinational company, Aldi is required to
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We also recognise the world leading Global Food Safety Initiative auditing standards and have achieved ‘green’ status for our Genetically Modified policy in Greenpeace’s True Food Guide. ALDI really is all about providing you with safe, quality items.”

• Consumer Influences
Aldi is well known for its low prices and discounts and they’re commitment to making shopping as easy as possible for customers. Due to these cheap prices and convenience customers are influenced to buy in bulk. According to Info scout, 8% of Aldi shoppers buy 1-2 items in the one shop whilst 125% of shoppers buy 20 or more items.
“Any product sold as 'organic' must be certified against local and/or international standards to assure consumers they are buying genuine organic products that can be fully traceable back to the farm”.

• Impact on the Environment
Aldi has a zero waste commitment meaning they aim to reduce the amount of waste they produce and use the most of every product. They have recently introduced a range of incentives to help reduce the amount of waste produce and therefore lessen their impact on the environment. Their latest incentive, The Australian Packaging Covenant Action Plan 2010-2015 involves the development of guidelines for the packaging of all Aldi products and the waste produced.
The amount of food waste that Aldi has saved helped save them over 30% of they’re waste costs. Aldi is also known for their cheap reusable bags made from recycled

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