Swot Analysis Of Alipay From Chinese To Globalization

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Alipay from Chinese to globalization
In 2004, Alibaba Group launched an online payment names Alipay to allow Chinese consumers buying goods from global retailers(Alipay Goes Global 2007) . Alipay service have standardized to develop e-commerce market for consumers and business to business transaction with served through Alibaba.com,Taboo.com and more than 3000,000 outside the markets hare with Alibaba Group. There mission is to expand online payment service to global for everyone and everywhere.

However,the significant target position is for Chinese tourists. According to World Tourist, Organization, the growing number of Chinese outbound tourists are spending $261 billion in 2006 that influence the company to extend the market partner
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Firstly, Functional risk is consists of the performing of the function to meet consumer need or expectation.For Alipay have not been only an online payment system ,but Alipay has improved the payment function for both online and offline in different location(Guo and Bouwman 2015)It aim to expand the offline market and create the different from other payment service and to switch consumer behavior on by replaced the cash paying. Alipay Application is superior designed to offer the convenience service for consumers by providing messages, games, and linking with Tmall shopping. Especially in 2013,Alipay introduced financial platform named Yu’ebo for user to deposit and earn the interest for consumer to involve in e-business(Choi and Sun2016).Multichannel in Alipay be one of the outstanding mobile payment system in this time.

As the distinguished system of Alipay application,there have greater loss psychological risk for consumer. In comparing with PayPal system, it is similar with Alipay in term of online payment and large of western consumer using their services because of the brand reputation and quality,however,when cosumer purchasing for the online shopping and end up in a transaction screen for PayPal might be inconvenient because of loss in internet access and time. Alipay process is faster for consumer to pay directly to application or website because it combine all in one

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