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Amazon, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos in Seattle, Washington. Jeff’s launch of an online bookstore quickly revolved into the selling of clothing, electronics, video games, auto, beauty and health, just about anything you need, thus, making online shopping popular. Jeff launch Amazon out of his home garage, selling books in all 50 states and 45 different countries within its first month. But the name Amazon was not Bezos first or second choice for the organization, but settle on this name because like the Amazon river is the biggest in the world; Jeff was set to make his company the biggest on earth. Hence Amazon’s first logo stated, “amazon.com: Earth’s biggest bookstore”. This thought of Bezos lined up with his original vision for Amazon,…show more content…
But a loophole was discovered and Amazon would order the one needed book along with nine obscured books, which they knew would be out of stock; this saved Amazon from going bankrupt. Amazon’s early employees did not have the opportunity of work-life balance, as with many start up, they were expected to work at least 60 hours a week. And the organizations first major Christmas, 1998, season wasn’t too much better. After going through two Christmas, the organization was not prepared for the dramatic shift, the Christmas of 1998 brought. To compensate for being under-staffed, employees brought in family and friends to help out. This is why, to this day that Amazon hire so a large number of seasonal employees every year. But is also allow Bezos to realize how important his customer base is, thereby, Bezos established Amazon to be completely customer-centric or customer-obsessed organization. Unlike other companies that are focused on its competitors; Bezos believe, to not listen to your customer, is setting yourself to fail. And always looking past the right now and into tomorrow and how to make build it better. It’s because “Amazon owns the richest data set on how consumers consume, how sellers sell, and (among the richest) in how developers develop” (Research report); thereby Amazon is able to hone in to developer environment, enhances the shopping experience, and enhance its logistic network. Culture The Kaizen-based culture

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