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Amazon is a Fortune 500 e-commerce company based in Seattle, Washington, the company being one of the first largest to sell goods over the internet. In 1994, Jeff Bezos launched Amazon, the next year the business took off. Amazon originally started out as an online bookstore quickly diversifying its self by adding music, DVD’s, video games and clothing. These days’ amazon sells everything you can think of, including groceries and delivers right to your door. Amazon considers itself a customer centered company, Jeff Bezos believes if they don’t listen to customers the company will fail. As Bezos stated, “Amazon puts the customer experience at the top of their short and long term to-do list” (Penhollow, N.D.).
A major key in Amazons success
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Their organizational structure enables extensive control over global e-commerce operations. Organizational or corporate structure establishes the design and system of interactions among members. As MEYER stated, Amazon is the leading online retail business they must maintain organizational structure that adequately supports its expanding market (Meyer, 2017). Evolving corporate structure can benefit Amazon when the company adds more products and gradually diversifies the business.
Amazon’s marketing strategy follows six pillars: 1 Offering the widest range of products. 2 Using a customer-friendly interface. 3 Scaling easily from small to largest. 4 Exploiting affiliate products and resources. 6 Utilizing universal behaviors and mentalities. Amazon’s marketing strategy integrates a number of targeted online marketing channels, sponsored search, social and online advertising and even television advertising. As Dudovskiy said, “Amazon segmentation targeting and positioning practices are associated with targeting the widest customer segment, the retail giant does this with the application of multi-segment and adaptive positioning techniques” (Dudovskiy,2017).
When looking at Amazon and its SWOT factors, they are the largest online retailer as I’ve stated before, one of their strengths is their low cost structure having the largest merchandise selection with a mass number of third party sellers. Amazon has actually grown much faster than

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