Swot Analysis Of Amedisys Is A Home Health Care And Hospice Service Provider

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SWOT Analysis
Amedisys is a home health care and hospice service provider. Amedisys owns and operates 316 home health care facilities and 80 hospice centers. The company is headquartered in Louisiana and has approximately 13,200 employees. Amedisys operates in 34 states and provides care to 360,000 patients annually (Amedisys, 2015). This essay will perform a SWOT analysis for Amedisys, identify goals that can be used for strategic planning and organizational development, and determine organizational competencies and competitive advantages.
The home health industry is highly fragmented. In fact, only 5% of home health care providers generate over $5 million in Medicare revenue (Harris Williams and Company, 2015). Amedisys’ economies of scale undoubtedly helps ensure operational efficiency, which will assist with maintaining long-term profitability. In addition, their relatively large employee population enables Amedisys to offer employees competitive wages and full benefits. This assists with attracting and retaining top talent.
While other providers are being forced to adopt technology to comply with regulatory mandates, Amedisys has a solid technology infrastructure. In fact, Amedisys was the first home health agency to provide clinicians with point-of-care (POC) laptops (Amedisys, 2015). In addition, they are currently working on the third generation of software for their system.
As mentioned, clinicians are provided POC laptops.…
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