Swot Analysis Of American Airlines

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American Airlines, Inc. (AA) is a major and the world’s largest U.S airline in terms scheduled passenger-kilometers flown, fleet size, scheduled passenger-kilometers flown, number of destinations served, number of destinations served and revenue. It’s headquarter is within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Fort Worth, Texas. American Airlines and its regional partners fly in wide-ranging domestic and international network with more than 6,700 flights per day. It also flies to more than 350 destinations and to more than 50 countries. American Airlines was established in 1930 through an amalgamation of more than eighty smaller airlines.
According to American Airlines, it has lost nearly $77 million in 1990 and $165 million in 1991. In terms of customer's flying, the dollar volume of pleasure travel grew only 8% in the 1989-91 period compared to 19% for 1987-89. The comparable figures for business travel were a 9% increase for 1989-91 in contrast to 28% growth experiences in 1987-89. In 1992 American Airlines decided to create a pricing strategy Ultimately, American Airlines purpose for the value pricing was primarily to increase their market share. This strategy resulted in failure few months later.

American airlines was the first airlines to introduce computerized airline reservation system called SABRE (1960), ‘uper Saver' fares (1977) and frequent- flier programs (1981). It was U.S.'s largest carrier, had a fleet of 622 jet aircraft, flying
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