Swot Analysis Of American Airlines

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After settling an anti-trust lawsuit with the Department of Justice, American Airlines and
US Airways completed a merger in December 2013 . This merger provided much needed cash infusion into American Airlines, enabling it to emergency from bankruptcy protection bigger and better than ever. It also solidified American Airlines as the largest airline in the world. This merger has become to cornerstone of American Airlines affecting all areas of the organization both internal and external.
Before the merger, American Airlines has fallen behind its rivals regarding

getting new aircraf. Newer aircraft are essential for several reasons; they are lighter and better built, they are more fuel-efficient, require less maintenance and repairs, provide more amenities to passengers and are deemed to be safer in the eyes of the consumer. American Airlines replaced approximately 10% of their fleet in 2013

Being the largest airline in the world comes with some significant advantages, one of the most important is a physical presence in the locations that passengers want to travel. As part of the anti-trust settlement, American Airlines agreed to sell approximately 15% of their takeoff and landing slots in Washington D.C. and New York . Even with this sale of slots, American Airlines is still able to offer flights to over 250 destinations daily. Just by their sheer size, American Airlines should be capturing a significant share of the market.
American Airlines is
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