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Aryzta Aryzta is a global food business with a leadership position in speciality frozen bakery sector. It was formed by the merging of IAWS Group plc and Hiestand Holding AG in August 2008. The company’s strategy aims at providing customers with quality and authenticity which is evident in the consistently exceptional breads and baked goods. The company operates on a global scale, destinations including America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Aryzta has listings in both the Six Swiss Exchange and the Irish Stock exchange. Since 2008 the company has grown and it has acquired many different well-known brands, for example, cuisine de France. Aryzta have grown their company through a balance of organic and acquisition growth. Through developing the company by these methods, Aryzta were able to obtain funding for acquisitions. These acquisitions had a certain criteria and added great value to Aryzta’s portfolio through growth and technological advancements of business brands. Aryzta said it had now completed its transformation to a company fully-focused on speciality food.…show more content…
With over 50% drop in share price, the company need to re-visualise their aim and understand how to make amends with these figures as they have caused a significant impact on profits and revenues. Report Structure The report will first look at the industry in which Aryzta operates and then focus on the internal analysis of the company. The main focus will be on the key financial figures that will show an indication of the current position Aryzta is in at the moment and why the company is beginning to decline. It will further assess the problems Aryzta face, the impact of selling origin enterprise and having invested in Picard. The report will conclude with a forecast of the company’s figures for the future. Analysis of

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