Swot Analysis Of Asian Marketplace : Swot Analysis

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SWOT analysis on Asian Marketplace Introduction Businesses in the same industry compete against each other to meet their organization goals and sustain competitive advantage over one another. But to meet those goals, it’s important for businesses to analyze their internal and external environment to allow them to come up with new business strategies beneficial to the business. Firms can use SWOT as a starting point. SWOT is a basic technique that can be used by business owners to analyze their business and industry condition (Dess, G., Lumpkin G.T., Eisner, A., McNamara, G, 2013). Using SWOT will help business owners understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of their business. It would help them analyze and come up…show more content…
The store is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the west portion of Wisconsin. Specifically, the county Eau Claire has a recorded population of 98,736. There are a few smaller Asian grocery stores located in Eau Claire but Asian Marketplace is the largest Asian store there and we provide more diverse Asian products than our competitors and also accept customers’ requests other Asian food products we don’t have on hand. Most of our customers would be of Asian race, so if you divide the population of Eau Claire by race; Whites make up 93%, Asians make up 3%, Hispanics or Latino make up 1%, mixed 1%, Black or African American makes up 1%, other race makes up less than 1% and American Indian makes up less than 1% (“Current Eau Claire County”, n.d.). There are other surrounding cities that could bring in potential customers to the store as well. There are no other larger Asian groceries stores are located near Eau Claire, WI. The closest ones are in Minnesota, where many or most of our customers use to drive for over an hour to make their purchase. Being the first to open a large grocery store with diverse Asian groceries would be beneficial in bringing in customers and making it more convenient for those who don’t want to drive over an hour or Asian groceries that can’t be found right in the city. SWOT SWOT is a basic technique that is used by businesses to “build on its
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