Swot Analysis Of ' Asustek : A Swot

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ASUSTeK: A SWOT Analysis
Frank Rogers
Columbia Southern University


• Well-known brand name in PC world positioning for strong market position
• Multi-platform development, expanding markets from desktop PCs to mobile technologies
• Customer relationships and emphasis on loyalty programs
• International business with global presence
• Strong presence in laptop and tablet markets WEAKNESSES

• FTC order on security protocols on networking products
• Weak pc interest affecting sales and income deficit
• Recent changes in board members and top management have created uncertainty in company
• Customer service impacts technology companies, especially with manufacturing mistakes
• Rising cost of production
Brand image has
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Over the past few years, however, AsusTeK has had some setbacks, with subpar security measures built into their network routers and a FTC order on the company (Freedman, 2016), a slow decline in earnings over the past five years, and some key changes in top management and board members; the company is approaching some major changes. Performing a SWOT analysis on AsusTeK will delve into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company to address some hardships that will approach the company in the coming future, and also predict ways to keep the company a global competitor in their industry. AsusTeK has tremendous brand name power. Many consumers prefer an Asus product based on name alone, creating business based on a name tag. AsusTeK does not take this brand name lightly, consistently producing high end electronics and computer hardware, as well as notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and mobile phones, that contends with the largest of manufacturers in the market. The company also treats its customers loyally, with different loyalty and rewards programs that benefit return customers. This also creates loyal customers that would rather purchase an Asus brand product over a comparative product. Its recent breakthrough into the mobile phone market has proven to be a lucrative market for them, and with the technology that is put into their phones, it is a strong competitor for the best technology on the market. Their

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