Swot Analysis Of Banesia Soya Bean Milk

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INTRODUCTION Banesia Soya Sdn Bhd is a headquartered manufacturer in Bandung, Indonesia. Founded in 1990 by Monavella Lina, started with the acquirement of rural plant and oilseed refining as well. Banesia Soya Sdn Bhd earned the reputation as the “rich-protein beverage” from Asian Beverage Award. It is famous, trusted, supported and was the largest supplier of soya drink beverage in Indonesia. The manufacturer is primarily known with their only one supported product which is the “Banesia Soya Bean Milk”, the only product being produced. The product had fulfilled and satisfied the common needs of customers.
Unfortunately, the company need to adapt new market strategy in this fast moving consumer goods industry.

Demographic Segmentation In common, product needs to be classified either age, life-cyle and gender. Different category of age and life-cycle
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It is good to have a usage rate of a regular user customer so the orgnization can reach the sales target. Soya bean organization is included as market that have so many substitutions. In addition, Banesia Sdn Bhd should make the products unusual. For example, all the products have an acknowledgement as a healthy nutrition beverage from Asian Beverage Award, it’ll convinced customers. As it clearly seen on Figure 1.1, rewarding customers by giving them something tangible like vouchers and special bonus such get one free products for every two product purchases. Lastly, build relationship with customers is very essential, the organization can use media power for doing promotion. “Keeping customers glad ought to imply that activities talk louder than words. A demonstrated instead of guaranteed responsibility will put organization path in front of the competition.” (The Marketing

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