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Founded in 2000, BreadTalk Pte Ltd was first conceptualised when its founders saw an opportunity for starting a bakery selling baked breads and buns that were fresh, visually creative and attractive. Since its inception, BreadTalk has expanded its business to more than 600 outlets across 16 countries in Asia and Middle East and has plans to continue its growth trajectory. Besides being known as an internationally successful local brand, BreadTalk has also won numerous awards over the years and is the first Singaporean company to be named “Growth Market Retailer of the Year” at the World Retail Awards. The company was also recently used as an example by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam to illustrate how Singapore's homegrown businesses have made their mark globally.

BreadTalk prides itself in its focus on innovation as a core component of their business to stay relevant and keep up with consumers’ changing tastes and preferences. The company even has a dedicated team of international research and development chefs and consultants who conceptualise novel recipes in anticipation of consumer trends and design store concepts (see Appendix A) they believe affect consumers’ interaction with their brand.

While BreadTalk has
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George Quek, puts it, BreadTalk’s dominance in the industry can be easily taken away if they fail to stay relevant and widen the gap between themselves and its competitors. By taking a more customer-centric approach to its business, BreadTalk will not only be able to address the issue of low customer satisfaction levels but also better meet consumers’ needs and wants, improve its bottom-line and expand its customer base as well as further differentiate itself in a relatively homogenous industry that has become increasingly competitive. All of the above justifies BreadTalk moving towards being more customer-centric, and if replicated across all outlets, will help ensure the company’s continued success moving

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