Swot Analysis Of Business Model And Customer Centric Essay

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SWOT Analysis - Overview Amazon.com, Inc. is an online retailer and web service provider. The company provides an onslaught of products which include books, games, beauty and health products, electronics, clothing, groceries and much, much more. Its lucrative business model and customer-centric business model are considered its major strengths. Although there are risks associated with competition and exchange rates, its expansion plans, acquisition and positive outlook for e-Retailing will make significant strides in building and growing its future expansion. Strengths - Operational Network The company has a strong operational network and this leverage assists in helps it in supplying their large customer base efficiently. Amazon offers its customers a one-stop shopping environment ranging from apparels to electronics, to even groceries. Providing large arrays of merchandise and efficient customer service, the company emphasizes on selection, price, and distribution. The company supplies to end customers through an elaborate network of facilities management. This management includes space coordination, infrastructure, delivery, warehouse operations, data centers, customer service, people, and the efficient management of its overall organization. These services are not only provided in the United States, but also across Europe and Asia. According to statistics reported in December 2014, the company’s facilities covered an area of 113.7

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