Swot Analysis Of Carlsberg

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Carlsberg Carlsberg was established in the year of 1847 by J. C. Jacobsen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Carlsberg is a company recognised for their good taste in beers. The company first product was Carlsberg beer but various brew from other brands are also available over the shelf in the super market as well. Malaysia receive first Carlsberg brand in the year 1907 where it was first imported to the nation. Carlsberg is now the biggest and leading beer brand in Malaysia with over 50% of market share. The company is currently listed on Malaysia stock exchange as Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad. Guinness Anchor Guinness Anchor is a merged company between Guinness Malaysia Berhad and Malayan Breweries (Malaya) Sdn Bhd. In 1989, the company was listed…show more content…
Which in short, Carlsberg is more profitable as compared with Guinness and Carlsberg is more efficient in using its resources and product control Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) is used to measure efficiency of the company generating profit from capital employed which by comparing the net operating profit to capital employed. Carlsberg’s performance has slightly increased from 74.57% to 81.20%. This signify that the company is doing a good job in managing their investment that is entrusted to company's management by the shareholders and doing in a more efficient way in using their capital to generate profit and the reason behind this is because of the increase in huge amount of reserves in 2013 which has fallen tremendously in 2014 which caused a high level of average in equity in 2013 and a low in 2014, hence resulting in a low and high ROCE ratio. The comparison with Guinness on its financial years has ROCE ratio of 37.57% whereas, Carlsberg has a ratio of 81.20%. The huge difference indicate, that Carlsberg is better than Guinness in ability to manage the capital available by generating high profits. Moreover, this indicate that Carlsberg are towards risk taking in getting high return. Since high ratio indicate high return while Guinness are more caution in risk taking and likely to take less
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