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Success and Failure CEO of Chatime Malaysia, Bryan Loo who are successfully brought this franchise over from Taiwan. He also won an award which is ‘Ernst and Young Emerging Entrepreneur of The Year 2013 Malaysia Awards’. The major strength of Chatime is it has a strong brand name that most of Malaysian ice blended fans have perfectly knowledge about Chatime products. Chatime franchises will based on the operational and economic perspective to select the most appropriate site for its businesses by using several ways and steps. For instance, an area which is car parking available or close to public transportation and has a lot of passing foot traffic is an ideal location. There are several key issues which encompasses recruiting and hiring of skilled labours to attend well-developed training programmes such as exceptional retail audit system, cutting edge product…show more content…
They are facing difficulty in logistics and procurement restricted to imports from Taiwan. Sometimes, they are also have marketing budget of their products during their promotion. Furthermore, one of the weaknesses is the prize of a drink. Some customers think that the prize is quite high and it does not worth the money for a cup of tea even if Chatime is the best tea house in the world. There are many others competitors and stores that are selling the similar products and this will causes them to be hard to compete and to compare and determine the pricing and promotion strategies. Chatime has some issues about the problem of poor quality of product packaging. The plastic cups and containers is a low grade quality packaging that is not environmental friendly as it is not biodegradable. It causes health risk where the plastics may release harmful chemical and it is unsuitable for carrying if it is hot

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