Swot Analysis Of Citigroup ' The Biggest Strengths Of The Organization

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SWOT ANALYSIS B1 Evaluate at least two strengths of the organization One of the biggest strengths of the organization is brand reputation. Citigroup is one of the big four banks in United States and has a long history since 1812. When consumers thing about a bank with prestige, recognition, long standing, and market awareness, Citigroup is one of them. Citigroup offers product lines to meet the demands of the public from credit cards, specialty retail cards, mortgages, commercial products, treasury services, and among others. From an employee perspective the idea of working for Citigroup is the concept of brand reputation that drives pride in working for a strong financial institution. The company provides a great employee benefit…show more content…
Power, 2015). Understanding the needs and interests of each generation: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Gen Y and Gen Z is crucial for Citigroup to improve their customer service. Respectively, with each generation group Citigroup needs a thorough understanding of the J.D. Power study measures satisfaction in six factors: account information; channel activities; facility; fees; problem resolution; and product offerings (J.D. Power, 2015). Based on the 1000 point scale, Citibank has not reach a score of 800 or above in any region. Another weakness of the organization is changes in management. With my experience in the retail banking world for the past 8 years, I have witness how customers get frustrated with a change in management at the branch level. Not only has this effected the customers it disrupts the employees since they will have to deal with their emotions. Some might have positive emotions such as relief and joy if their previous manager was micromanaging and using coercive power to obtain results. On the flip side, employees might experience negative emotions such as envy, anxiety and anger if one them felt they should have been promoted to the role and unaware how the new manager will be leading the staff. In my department there has been a change in senior management and a shift of team leads in a relatively short period of time. This is turn has

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