Swot Analysis Of Coca Cola Company

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SWOT Analysis: Coca-Cola Kyle Schmidt Columbia Southern University SWOT Analysis: Coca-Cola Strengths The Coca-Cola Company provides consumers with a diversity of sparkling drinks and is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. The brand of Coca-Cola has been fostered through the years by innovative processes and products. One such product is their new bottle that is “made partially with plants (30%)” and is also recyclable (Wheelen, 2015, p. 69). The bottle is an industry first and shows the willingness of Coca-Cola to push the boundaries with new and innovative products. Coca-Cola was awarded for their progress in environmental awareness and protection. The company has devoted a considerable amount of…show more content…
While parts of European product levels returned to normal, more recalls continued throughout the continent as fear spread. Most of these were due to contaminants and foreign trace chemicals left over from the bottling processes. This brings up the product quality issue and is what can affect a consumer’s decision on whether or not to buy a product. Coca-Cola has moved swiftly when these quality control issues have risen, but in many of these scenarios the damage has already been done. Another issue the company has had in the past is anti-trust complaints from its competitors in Europe. Some of Coca-Cola’s primary global competitors have complained about their significant market advantage in Europe and using that advantage in unlawful ways. In one European country, Coca-Cola was found to have given “discounts, bonuses, and exclusivity agreements” that violated Italian laws (Coca-Cola’s problems continue in Europe, 1999). Each of these issues need to be addressed promptly in order for Coca-Cola to maintain their edge within the European Union and globally. Opportunities One of the many opportunities for The Coca-Cola Company is to expand their presence into countries where they have yet to produce and sell their assorted products. With that opportunity also would provide the ability to tailor their product line to the country where they sell in an effort to boost sales. A second opportunity is to better market their lesser known products.
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