Swot Analysis Of Company 's Internal And External Factor Essay

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SWOT Analysis CHN’s SWOT analysis evaluates the company’s internal and external factor. The internal factors are the company’s strengths and weaknesses, which are within the company’s control. Threats and opportunities make up the external factors. The company does not control these.
The first component, strengths, are tangible or intangible qualities, capabilities, or features helping the organization accomplish its mission or objectives. A few of CHN’s strengths are its adaptability to change, the company’s reputation and ability to bring information to homeschoolers, its wide base all over the state, and the elected Board of Trustees. CHN’s ability to adapt to changes is one of the major strengths. The current Board of Trustees management of the company is not only diverse, but productive. They work well together. The company’s reputation and ability to provide homeschoolers with the right information at the right time it needed is vital when asked. Finally, the membership is not in one central location, which brings different views and scenarios of information into the company, providing more accurate responses to questions people need answers to.
Next, weaknesses are those qualities preventing the company from reaching its objectives, therefore minimized or eliminated. A few weaknesses of the company are the loss of knowledge or transferring knowledge, its limited finances which hinder spending, and the Trustees reside in different areas of the

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