Swot Analysis Of Delta Airlines

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Delta Airlines Mitchell B. Workman Middle Tennessee State University Delta Airlines Introduction Delta Airlines is one of the leading airline industries in the market based on on-time performance, revenue per available seat, customer satisfaction, and it is well positioned in taking advantage of the new positive economic outlook for the airline industry. It is a domestic Airline carrier that provides passengers and cargo services throughout the US and other international destinations. Some of its hubs are in Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Amsterdam, JFK and Tokyo-Narita as well as in partnering with the existing regional airlines. Currently, the assets of Delta Airline are valued $54,252 million and the composition can be divided into three main groups including PPE (Property, Plant, and Equipment), Current Assets and other Assets (Luo, 2014). History Delta Airlines was founded in 1920 in Ogdensburg, New York under the name: Ogdensburg Aeroway Corp, the company was founded by Elliot Daland and Thomas Duff. The company began as a crop dusting company which was the first of its kind (commercial agricultural). The name quickly changed to Huff-Daland Aero Corporation and in 1925 their headquarters moved to Monroe, Louisiana, USA. At the beginning of the corporation their fleet of 18 privately owned planes delivered mail and crop dusted all over the United States and was the largest fleet of aircraft in the world at the time. Flight operations ranged from all over the United

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