Swot Analysis Of Deutsche Post Ag

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Industry Averages
Through using Yahoo Finance I looked at the averages in the Air Delivery & Freight Services industry. I found some interesting results. FEDEX had the best P/E ratio while the industry average was 32.80, Deutsche Post were ranked in 25th position just above UPS with 19.80 out of around 50 companies. UK Mail group had the best Price to Book ratio, the average being 12.70 with Deutsche Post ranked 22nd. The Forefront group had the best Net Profit margin the average being 3.80. Deutsche Post lagged massively behind with this ratio. UPS had the best return on equity. 21.80% being the average Deutsch Post came in 14th with 17.58%. It is somewhat worrying that Deutsche Post AG’s main competitors are leading the way in some of these ratios. The diagram below shows a 5 day comparison between Deutsch Post AG (blue line) and the industry Air Delivery (red line)
(Source Yahoo Finance)
SWOT Analysis Competitor Analysis The competitor I have chosen to compare to Deutsche Post AG is the United Parcel Service (UPS). The reason I have chosen UPS is that they are very similar to Deutsche Post AG in the service that they provide. United Parcel Service, Inc., is a package delivery company that provides transportation, logistics, and financial services in the United States and internationally (Source: Yahoo Finance)
As you can see from the above diagram UPS has mainly outperformed Deutsche Post over the last 2 years. This is somewhat down to the strength in its…
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