Swot Analysis Of Donkey Coffee Espresso Essay

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SWOT Analysis for Donkey coffee espresso Donkey coffee and espresso is a local coffee shop in Athens, Ohio. The major customer for donkey is the college student and people who live around Athens. They have been doing fair-trade since 13 years ago when they first started the business. Donkey is not only selling coffee, they also contribute a lot to the community. They are providing people a good place to sit down and have a good time. The following analysis is an evaluation based on my research on donkey. It is majorly focus on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threats of Donkey. First of all, One of the important business strategies donkey has been doing is their strengths is the fair-trade. Fair-trade is a business strategy that involves paying extra to the producer. Doherty(2011) pointed out that fair-trade could relieve poverty, helps smallholder farmers build social relationships, and helps them joining the global market(p. 360). There are lots of coffee shops in Athens, and it’s hard to beat other places. The owner of donkey wants to help people, and fair-trade is a perfect option to them. Numbers of people come to donkey because they are doing fair-trade. In the ethical way, Donkey supports farmer, and give them guarantee on the price. On the other hand, donkey is the only coffee shop doing 100% fair-trade in Athens, and that helps them beat their competitor. Secondly, the location of donkey, which is their weakness, might reduce their customers. Donkey is

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