Swot Analysis Of FBN

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0 Strategic Evaluation:
Strategic Evaluation is the efficiency and effectiveness of the comprehensive plans achieving the desired results.
6.1 SWOT Analysis.
• Strong Brand
FBN continue to execute on previously articulated regional expansion strategy being consistent in their objective of effectively maximizing shareholder value while harnessing the benefits of diversification. First bank plc have only pursued expansion into countries that will disproportionately add economic value over the medium to long term and bolster the banking group’s strategic positioning in the Su-Sahara Africa (SSA) financial landscape (FBN, 2012). First bank of Nigeria brand of being dependably dynamic is one of its major selling points. Aside being the largest banking group by assets in SSA, the fact that a significant proportion of the banking public has business relationship with the bank attest to the strength of its brand. Part of their strategy is to be dominant financial services group across middle Africa. Having established itself over a 120 years history as the largest bank in Nigeria and already as the largest private sector banking group in Sub-Sahara Africa (Meristem, 2011).
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These eminent persons have displayed excellent and proven business knowledge and board experience spanning an array of industries and sectors. The primary purpose of the Board is to build long term shareholder value and ensure management oversight so that appropriate controls, systems and practices are entrenched to safeguard the assets of FBN Holdings in a sustainable manner (FBN, 2012).
FBN board comprises of six members made up of five Non-executives Directors and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). To ensure appropriate oversight function, the CEO sits on the Board of each of the direct subsidiaries of FBN Holdings.
• Delivering Business

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