Swot Analysis Of ' Federal Express '

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Federal Express is one of the well known brands and America’s well known companies in the world known as FedEx as it serves millions of customers through their service. Frederick W. Smith was a undergraduate of Yale University in 1965, who wrote a paper about a industry which would create shipments of products like medicine, computer, electronics, and other products that consumers can purchase. Even though, he didn’t receive a good grade on the essay, the idea that he created was never lost. As Smith, worked in an Aviation firm in 1971 he saw how inefficient the air freight industry was to get packages. As a result, FedEx was created by Smith as he called the company Federal to reveal how this company was created for the use of nationwide customers. Even though more companies, such as DHL, UPS, TNT have become FedEx’s competitors it still has not been successful as FedEx due to the technological advancements. As time progressed, FedEx continued to increase in size and in revenue due to the use of technology that helped meet the needs of customers globally despite the struggle they faced from competitors and different systems that they were creating.
FedEx’s headquarters are located in Memphis, Tennessee because the location of the Memphis International Airport that allows for operation of the FedEx. On April 17, 1973 FedEx originally began as an American global courier delivery service. With the help of 389 members, 14 small aircraft delivered 186 packages to cities such as…

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